Summit County Summer Tourism Booms

This summer marked a fifth consecutive record-breaking year for Summit County summer tourism. Sales tax revenues, lodging occupancy, and traffic counts all reached new highs in the Colorado high country.

Frisco sees 10.6% increase in summer sales tax revenue

Frisco led the way in terms of sales tax revenue growth, with a staggering 10.6% increase in year-to-date sales. Breckenridge saw an impressive 7.6% increase, followed by Dillon at 5.3% and Silverthorne at 3.3%. Additionally, Frisco saw a huge bump in tax revenue for the month of August, topping 15% growth over last August.

“We are incredibly impressed with the business owners we have here,” said Chad Most, the revenue specialist in Frisco. “Governmental revenue obviously is completely dependent, especially here in Frisco with our reliance on sales tax, completely dependent on the strength of our business community.”

2016 marks a 5th consecutive lodging record for Colorado mountain towns

Summer lodging is also up over 7% in Summit County. According to DestiMetrics, summer has become 92% as busy at winter months in Colorado mountain resort towns. Weekday trips account for most of the overnight visitor growth, and Front Range population growth is fueling record traffic to Summit County.

Year-round tourism attracts year-round employees

Local business owners see value beyond the numbers. Summit County’s transformation into a year-round tourist destination enables them to attract and retain permanent employees.

“It’s good because we’re able to attract and hold employees who aren’t just dependent on four months a year. With more months in the year in this business, the service employees … have a chance to come and stay in the market and work full time rather than having to migrate in just for the winter and back out again,” said Ed Mace, CEO of Silverwest Hotels.