FRISCO, Colo. – March 2019 – CONGRATS to Basecamp Center’s Outer Range Brewery who recently received yet a few more national awards. Hop Culture, touted as ‘a daily online lifestyle magazine for the newest generation of craft beer drinkers’, listed ORB on it’s highly acclaimed list of The 15 Best Breweries of 2018.

Hop Culture’s Kenny Gould tells us how this list is compiled: “Even though I don’t keep track of the beers I’ve tried, I remember the ones that made an impression. But this isn’t a “Best Beers of 2018” list. This is Best Breweries. So in addition to having terrific beer, a brewery that makes this list needs something else that stands out — an impressive aesthetic, stellar service, beautiful bathrooms. And truly, with the amount of breweries we visited this year, a standout brewery needs all of the above.”

Outer Range makes you feel like you’re hanging with best friends (both two- and four-footed).

Hop Culture offers a glowing review of ORB: “Outer Range is one of those breweries that makes you feel like you’re hanging with best friends. Earlier in the year, our writer Grace Weitz waxed poetic about her visit to the mountain brewery, and since then, we’ve only continued to have beautiful interactions with family-oriented owners Emily and Lee Cleghorn. If every business were like Outer Range, the world would be a better place!” High praise indeed – we couldn’t agree more!

Additionally, Forbes Magazine recently included ORB in their list of 10 Under-The-Radar Craft Breweries To Watch In Spring 2019. The Forbes list of breweries make a variety of craft beer styles, but are similar in that they represent the authenticity, creativity, and quality that have characterized American craft brewing over the last half decade. Forbes, too, gives a glowing review of ORB owners Lee and Emily Cleghorn, saying that their warmth and authenticity come through in the beers, and their IPAs are some of the best in the country.

Come visit Basecamp Center’s local gem, Outer Range Brewery, and enjoy some of the best nationally acclaimed craft brews you can find. Bring your friends, family, and pooches, too!