FRISCO, Colo. – January 2019 – Basecamp Center proudly announces the opening of The Steadman Clinic facility, bringing the latest imaging technology and access to their world-renowned orthopaedic care and research to patients in one Summit County location, as well as providing closer access for patients from the Denver metropolitan area.

The First 3T MRI in Summit County
“As in everything we do, our goal with the new Frisco facility is to provide the best possible patient experience,” said Kelly Adair, COO of The Steadman Clinic and SPRI. “We’re excited by the campus-like setting at Basecamp, where we are aligned with other health-conscious brands. The expanded space and significant investment we’ve made to provide the best imaging equipment — the first 3T MRI in Summit County —will enable us to deliver turnkey orthopaedic services in one location. We also plan to expand to biologics, and just as we do in Vail, we can translate our research findings from SPRI in real time to our patients in the Frisco clinic.”

Four Globally Recognized Orthopaedic Specialists
The expanded facility, which includes a state-of-the-art imaging center, is fully staffed by four globally recognized orthopaedic specialists and their teams. Among the highly regarded Steadman Clinic physicians that are administering their expertise to patients in Frisco are Dr. Randy Viola (Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Orthopedic Trauma); Dr. Tom Hackett (Complex Knee, Shoulder and Elbow); Dr. Matthew Provencher (Shoulder, Knee and Sports Surgery) and Dr. C. Thomas Haytmanek, Jr. (Foot, Ankle and Trauma Surgery).

Summit County Expanding

“We can now bring the highest level of technology and quality of care to Summit County,” said Dr. Hackett. “The same care we provide to top professional athletes and Olympians is now available to weekend warriors there. It’s exciting. Frisco is a growing, expanding community with lots of energy and promise. We are thrilled to contribute new services to the region, including wellness education.”

“The campus environment at Basecamp will allow for better communication,” said Dr. Viola, who has practiced in Summit County for almost 20 years. “We will have advanced technology, including the best MRI machine in the world. We’ll have some of the world’s best orthopaedic physicians with more being added to our lineup within the year. While we’ve always had a presence in Summit County, this facility represents a much more substantial commitment.”